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Personal Transportation Goes Electric With the eBike and eScooter

For many years the bicycle has been a fun means to move around, get exercise, as well as get to places a busy individual might wish to go. It seems the only problem with the bike is that it is driven by human muscle. What if anyone could get all the advantages of a bike, and additionally get the expanded range of power-assist? Now that's possible! Introducing the revolutionary Wave electric bike, the world's most convenient, classy and fun eBike. The Wave eBikes are transforming the e-Bike world. Marketed for an extremely affordable price point rivaling any e-Bike already for sale, the line of products includes the original Wave electric bicycle, the Lady Wave, the Mountain Wave and the Duo Wave. These e-Bikes stretch your effective range, making it possible for you to glide in ease on simple and easy full-electric mode or use pedal assist mode in order to additionally improve your range. Showcasing a groundbreaking speed, these electric bicycles don't simply take you farther; they carry you there faster. You can read eBike reviews at the eBike Owners forum and website.

Go Big Or Go Home - Renting a Lamborghini in Houston, Texas

Looking for an exotic car rental in Houston, Texas? Visit Houston Fantasy Cars. And what brought this on? I was in Houston, had never driven (or even sat in) a $100,000+ car before, and the opportunity to take one out for a spin came up. There are now car rental agencies that specialize in renting high-end, luxury vehicles such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Like you, I could never afford to buy a $120,000 or $150,000 car. But I could afford to rent one for just a day. And it was well worth it!